A lovely apartment to call my own!

For Rent

Having spent weeks Craigslisting and practically every evening viewing everything from studios to one-bedroom apartments to apartment shares over the last few weeks, I can safely say I’m done with apartment-hunting!

Dealing with people changing the time of appointments, or simply not showing up at all at the agreed time, has become almost normal to me. The most frustrating was rescheduling appointments at work so I could leave early to see a place that turned out to not even be the same place as was in the pictures on the advert! Apartment hunting in NYC can be a nightmare! I also had some amusing descriptions of the apartment layout, with one saying there was a spare room that ‘would be ideal as an office or extra closet space’ but failed to mention that the toilet was in that room (and the shower was in the kitchen!).

Apartment Hunting in NYC

But, I guess I can say it was not all in vain, as I’ve managed to find a little gem that I simply cannot wait to move in to! It’s simply beautiful, very New York City, very cool and hopefully very me! I’m moving in next week so now for a great weekend looking for little bits and pieces to make the place my own!


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