6 Things I’ve learned since arriving in NYC!


Sorry that I haven’t posted a blogpost in a while but have been quite busy relocating to NYC!

It is so great to finally be here! Lucky I’m not supersticious as I decided to fly across the Atlantic on Friday the thirteenth!! I’m fortunate enough to have a temporary base with a friend on the Upper East Side. It’s a beautiful part of the city and I’m really enjoying walking the streets despite the crisp weather! So, I thought I’d compile a list of my initial observations and things I’ve learned since arriving in NYC!

1. Learn to Dress for the Cold:

Walking in the snow NYC

The winters are cold here, very cold. But, it doesn’t help that I was a complete novice at dressing appropriately for it! It’s like I don’t expect it to be as cold in a city or something. When I go on ski trips, I bring plenty of layers to wear – vests, long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, hats, scarves and coats! But that’s because I expect it to be cold! In NYC, it’s probably as cold if not colder but I wasn’t dressing properly for the first few days! This just makes getting about miseable.

In one week, I’ve learned to never leave home without a hat, scarf and gloves and am wearing tights and vests every day! Works a treat and makes roaming the streets a pleasure!

2. People Lie on Craigslist:

Studio rental

I’m looking for a place to sublet and am finding myself losing hours of my life that I’ll never get back scouring Craigslist ads without much luck so far! The first place I visited wasn’t even the same apartment as what was listed on Craigslist even though the owner was adamant it was – I had to take out my phone and show him the pictures in the ad. He simply said ‘well, this is the apartment!’ Nightmare!

Many others I replied to by email suddenly went up $100 or so by the person replying to me, despite the fact that the link to the original ad is under their name (and contains the advertised price).

Then finally, I’ve had the ‘no fee’ apartments that suddenly have a one month fee when I go to see them and show interest! I don’t mind people charging broker fees, it’s how the world turns in NYC, but not when the ad specifically states ‘no broker fee’.

Is it obvious by now that I am really tired of Craigslist…

3, Know what you want to order when you reach the top of the line in Starbucks:

This one is fairly self-explanatory, but New-Yorkers really can’t stand when you’re in a line for 10 minutes and then hesitate and start reading the menu when it’s your turn. So if it’s a double espresso, semi skinny with chocolate sprinkles that you like to order, make sure it rolls off the tongue quickly and have your wallet out all ready to go to avoid the annoyed gazes of seasoned New Yorkers.


4. Tipping is compulsory:

I’ve visited NYC enough times to know about this one but I still get confused sometimes. I know I have to tip the barman or in a restaurant. But do I need to tip when I order my coffee? Or how much should I tip a taxi driver? I guess I’m still learning on this one!

5. Go for that free seat on the Subway:

So, your standing on a packed train and someone near you leaves their seat at a stop. What do you do? Well, not anything that I used to do…do not make eye contact, do not hesitate! You need to confidently move towards the seat and just take it (although you might just want to check for old ladies once you’ve secured your seat!).

6. New Yorkers love their Dogs and the city is very dog-friendly:

NYC dog 20150222_144159

There are dogs everywhere – from the pretty little poms to big German Shepherds. And these dogs seem to own more accessories than I do! From little booties to mini sweaters to coats with fur hoods, NYC dogs have it all and the strut their stuff with pride!

And stores here are very dog friendly – I’ve met pooches everywhere from H&M to the AT&T phone store. I was in the bank yesterday and they had free doggie treats on the little shelf you use to fill in your forms! What a fabulous idea.

What have you learned from living in NYC? Please let me know in the comments below – I know I have alot more to learn!


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