A lovely apartment to call my own!

For Rent

Having spent weeks Craigslisting and practically every evening viewing everything from studios to one-bedroom apartments to apartment shares over the last few weeks, I can safely say I’m done with apartment-hunting! Continue reading


REVIEW: Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush and 3 Step System

Clinique Sonic Sonic

I was travelling through San Francisco airport a few weeks ago with lots of time to kill, so spent some time looking at the cosmetics. I’d often wanted to try the Clinique Sonic Cleansing System but just hadn’t actually bought one. The airport duty free was selling the Cleansing Brush in a pack with their Continue reading

6 Things I’ve learned since arriving in NYC!


Sorry that I haven’t posted a blogpost in a while but have been quite busy relocating to NYC!

It is so great to finally be here! Lucky I’m not supersticious as I decided to fly across the Atlantic on Friday the thirteenth!! I’m fortunate enough to have a temporary base with a friend on the Upper East Side. It’s a beautiful part of the city and I’m really enjoying walking the streets despite the crisp weather! So, I thought I’d compile a list of my initial observations and things I’ve learned since arriving in NYC! Continue reading

It’s official! I am moving to New York City next week!

NYC Skyline

This is such an exciting post for me and I am so happy to finally be able to confirm that I’m moving to NYC! I have been planning this move for months now, but it just took time to sort everything out. Yesterday I finally received my visa so I have now booked my flights and am off!


Beauty Essentials – Batiste Dry Shampoo Review

Batiste Dry Shampoo Range

I used to be one of those people who washed my hair every day. Yes, every single morning when I was having a shower I would shampoo and condition my hair. Hairdressers used to tell me not to and that I should at least try to reduce it to every second or third day. This would apparently be much healthier for my hair. And I have shoulder length hair, so the time element each morning in washing, drying and styling it was quite an investment. But, because I was used to washing my hair daily, I almost felt like I hadn’t even had a shower if I didn’t wash it. Continue reading

There’s quite a chill in the air!

snow weather

Got up this morning to quite a winter wonderland of snow covered countryside! Lovely for kids who can stay at home from school and build snowmen…not so lovely for those of us who have to scrape off an icy windscreen and drive to an office! But a delicious breakfast of boiled eggs and homemade toasted soda bread followed by a skinny latté prepared me for the day ahead! Continue reading

So, I’ve finally started blogging!

laptop 2

Hello everyone and welcome to The Little Blue Blog!

I’ve enjoyed reading blogs for so long now and often thought that I’d love to start a blog myself. And today I have finally found a one hour time slot to sit down in front of my laptop to do just that! So many times I’ve procrastinated for many reasons, like not being able to think of an original name for my blog or not really being sure what I would write about. So today I set a simple challenge – to go on to WordPress, set up a blog (ANY blog!) and start writing. I’m so happy that I have started and look forward to sharing my thoughts, ideas and ramblings here.

And so, The Little Blue Blog is now live – today is now being hailed as a productive day!